Open windows can kill your child

Many homes have large windows, and the window sill is easily within a child's reach. Higher sills often have furniture nearby that a child can easily climb. Kids love to look out windows, so if you leave one of these child-reachable windows open, you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Children climb through open windows and fall out all the time. Hundreds of kids are injured or die this way every year.

Window screens are not child-proof. A heavy child can easily pop out the screen on purpose, or fall against it and pop it out accidentally.

Steps you can take

  • NEVER leave children unattended.

  • Keep windows closed and latched.

  • Use window guards.

  • Do not rely on screens in place of window guards. Screens are not strong enough to protect children from falls.

  • If you are only opening the window "a crack", make sure a child cannot open it further and then fall out. Drill a hole in the window frame and use a nail to prevent the window from being opened more.

  • Keep in mind that old, heavy windows can accidentally fall and trap a child's head or neck against the window sill (possibly causing strangulation). Keep old windows like this closed and latched.

  • Read the article on blind and drape strangulation as well.

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