Electrical outlets can kill your child

There is something about an electrical outlet that fascinates a child. Maybe it is the fact that it is right at eye level. Maybe it is the fact that parents use outlets, and children love to copy their parents. Maybe it's those little square holes perfectly sized for little fingers.

Whatever it is, it makes outlets extremely dangerous because they attract kids. If a child sticks wet fingers into an outlet, or even worse if a child sticks a piece of metal into an outlet, electocution is a definite possibility. Electrocution frequently results in death. About 100 kids die every year by electrocution.

Every careful parent with toddlers has an unconscious sixth sense when it comes to wall sockets. You see little plastic outlet covers (or, better yet, child-proof receptacles) in any dwelling that has free-roaming toddlers in residence. If there aren't little plastic covers on the outlets -- for example, because the child is playing in a home that is not child-proof -- what you will find instead is a parent who is watching his/her kids like a hawk. As soon as the toddler penetrates the parent's pre-set danger perimeter around any wall socket, immediate action is taken to eliminate the threat. Steps you can take

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