Every year, 5,000 kids between the ages of 0 and 14 die accidentally.
Millions more are injured. To any parent, these are terrifying statistics. Parents want their kids to be safe.

Parents, therefore, are constantly on the lookout and protecting their kids from danger. Parents can see things that a non-parent would never even notice.

Unfortunately, two things can render a parent's best efforts useless.

The first thing is the modern, technological society we live in. Many of the threats that surround our kids today are invisible. They are not intuitively obvious. Parents need a way discover unknown hazards quickly and easily.

The second thing is the people with whom we entrust our children. Teenage babysitters and friends lack a parent's experience. What good is it to protect your kids 24-hours-a-day if the babysitter lets one of them drown in the bathtub or fall down the stairs? There needs to be a way to bring the people who watch your children -- babysitters, friends, grandparents, etc. -- up to speed quickly on the threats that are second-nature to you.

Careful Parents helps you to solve both of these problems.

  • You can quickly learn about hidden hazards that you may have never thought about.

  • You can ask babysitters and friends to read this Web site and learn about the many ways that children can get into trouble.

Our children are so precious to us. To any parent, a child's safety is the most important thing in the world. Careful Parents is all about keeping kids safe in today's world. We help you protect the people in your life who matter most -- your children.

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